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How to save fuel

Ganti ban mobil cuma satu tidak di sarankan

Vehicles have become a primary need for Indonesian people, especially in urban areas. The need for fuel is also directly proportional to the operation of the vehicle, so that fuel consumption efficiency must always be considered to cut expenses for fuel purposes.

In order for your vehicle's fuel consumption to be always efficient, you must pay attention to the following:

Tire Pressure
Always make sure that the tire pressure of your vehicle is always ideal. If the pressure is less, the friction between the tires and the asphalt will be greater, resulted with higher fuel consumption due to a heavier engine performance.

Driving Habit
The driving habit is also one of the factors that determine the level of fuel consumption. If you press the gas and brake suddenly and unstable driving, would make the fuel consumption becomes inefficient. Always try to adjust the speed gradually and drive at a steady speed (not too fast or too slow)

Traffic conditions
Make sure you are not driving in heavy traffic, always use google maps to find the best route. Always use the toll road to keep your vehicle's speed stable.

Periodic Service
Always service your vehicle regularly to ensure that your vehicle's performance at its optimal. Change the oil regularly so that engine lubrication is maintained optimally. If the oil is dirty, the engine will heat up quickly which would make higher fuel consumption. The air filter must also always be ensured in a clean condition so that the engine work is not heavy when intake air.

Fuel Selection
Use fuel that has an octane rating that match to you your vehicle's compression ratio. This is to save fuel and keep the engine performance at its best

AC Operation
This method is the last way to reduce fuel consumption although you have to sacrifice your comfort. When the AC is turned on, the components will be turned on (compressor, condenser) thereby increasing the engine load and causing increased fuel consumption.

The level of fuel consumption is not depended only just on the type of vehicle and engine capacity but is also influenced by other factors as explained in the explanation above. If your vehicle is fuel efficient, then not only will your expenses decrease, but you will also participate in saving the environment because as we know that the consumption of fossil fuels is increasing but their availability is reducing over time.

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