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What is the difference between MPV, SUV, City Car, Hatchback, and LCGC?

Ganti ban mobil cuma satu tidak di sarankan

Often you hear types of cars based on their categories, such as MPV, SUV, City Car, Hatchback, LCGC, and you often encounter them on the streets. But what's the difference? These categories are distinguished based on the function and the design of the vehicle. The following are some types of car categories that you need to know.

Multi-purpose vehicle is a multifunctional vehicle that is usually used to transport passengers or goods. Usually the rear seats can be folded to expand the trunk of the car.

This MPV category car is usually called a family car because it can accommodate 7 passengers with a large luggage capacity. MPV category cars that we often encounter are Avanza, Xpander, Ertiga, Mobilio and Xenia.

Sport Utility Vehicle is a car that is functioned to be able to pass through various kinds of terrain so that it is designed to have high engine performance.
Another characteristic of a SUV is that it has a fairly high ground clearance because the design adapts to the design of an offroad car. SUV category cars are divided into several types, namely:

Large SUV is a type of SUV vehicle that has a large body and the legs of a large SUV have stronger characteristics and high ground clearance. Cars in the large SUV category are the Fortuner and Pajero Sport.

Medium SUV is a type of SUV vehicle that has a smaller size compared to a large SUV. The vehicle types are CRV, Mazda CX5, Wuling Almaz Compact SUV is a type of SUV vehicle that has characteristics like a crossover car and has a smaller size compared to a medium SUV and can only accommodate 4-5 passengers. Compact SUV vehicle types are HRV and Mazda CX-3.

Low SUV is a type of SUV vehicle that can accommodate 7 passengers and a type of SUV that has the smallest size and higher ground clearance than MPV. Low SUV vehicle types are Rush, Terios and BRV.

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City Car
Is a small 4-passenger car commonly used in urban areas. Because it is agile and fuel efficient, this car is very suitable for use in heavy traffic conditions. City Cars that we usually encounter on the streets are Brio RS, Ignis and Sirion

Is a car that has a design like a sedan but does not have a tail. The trunk on this hatchback car is located at the back but the volume is smaller than the trunk of a sedan. Types of hatchback cars are Jazz, Yaris, City Hatchback and Mazda 2.

Low Cost Green Car is a car that has the characteristics of being fuel efficient, low in emissions and low in price. This LCGC category car has a small engine size (1000-1200 cc). Some examples of LCGC cars are Brio Satya, Calya, Sigra, and Karimun.

The categorization is done to classify cars based on their function, type and design. So that vehicle users can easily choose a vehicle according to their needs.

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