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The Importance of Tightening a Bolt or Nut Using Torque Wrench

The Importance of Tightening a Bolt or Nut Using Torque Wrench

Disassembly of a component or a part on a vehicle is often done carelessly without the correct procedure. The error that most often occurs is at the stage of tightening the bolts/nuts on the components that are disassembled. Often it is found that the tightening is done without using a proper torque wrench, tightening the bolt or nut with a regular wrench with is an inaccurate procedure.

This is because of the torque provided is not appropriate, where torque is a rotational force measured in newtons. While torque is the product of the force with the distance between the center point of the bolt or nut and the thrust point. For example, the torque value of 10 N.m can be interpreted that a force of 10 N is rotated with a key of 1 meter long.

Each bolt or nut has been designed to have an ideal standard for tightness, depending on the size of the bolt or nut. When you tighten excessively, it can cause over tension in the components that are fastened. The effect causes the bolt to be damaged and might even break. On the other hand, when you tighten a bolt or nut with insufficient firmness, the bolt will not be able to support the fastened part, and if there is a vibration it is possible that the bolt will open or come off.

So to avoid this you need to use a torque wrench to tighten the bolts or nuts on your vehicle. Torque wrench is a tool used to tighten bolts or nuts with a predetermined level of strength and tension or in other words to measure the torsional force on the bolt and nut.

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Usually the unit for measuring bolt tightness is kilogram meter (kg.m), newton meter (N.m). In general, torque wrenches are indispensable in the automotive world, so we may often encounter them in workshops that you usually visit. Therefore, always make sure that the tightening of the bolts and nuts is carried out with the correct procedure, namely using a torque wrench.
Do not let an incident occur when you are driving just because a component or a part of your vehicle had a loose bolt or nut. Because accidents do not only occur due to negligence of the driver, but also can occur due to errors or broken components. See other news and auto tips

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