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How Auto Brake Hold Works

How Auto Brake Hold Works

With the rapid development of technology, many vehicle manufacturers applied new features to their production. The innovations are not just in improving safety and security, but also in design to provide better driving convenience and comfort.

One example is the Brake Hold feature which might only available in following brands HRV and Civic Turbo, but do you know the true function of this feature? Perhaps there are users out there who still don’t know this feature. In this discussion, we shall explain the function and how to operate the Brake Hold feature on a vehicle.

Brake Hold is will hold the brakes automatically when the vehicle is stopped without having to step on the brakes continuously. Mostly this feature is activated when the vehicle is driving in traffic jams either on an uphill or downhill road. This feature also can be used during traffic jams in urban areas or when the vehicle stops at a traffic light. The driver does not need to step on the brake pedal continuously, if the brake hold system is active, the driver can release the footing from the brake pedal without worrying about the car moving by itself. This will ease the driver's legs so they will feel relaxed. This system will be automatically canceled when the driver presses the gas pedal.

These are the steps for operating the brake hold system:

  1. Make sure the driver's seat belt is fastened and your vehicle's engine is running. The brake hold feature will not activate if the system detects that the driver's seat belt is not attached.
  2. Push the brake hold button until the green indicator light that says Brake hold lit up. This indicates the brake hold system is on. Activating the brake hold button can be done when the vehicle is stopped or running.
  3. When the brake pedal is pressed and your vehicle stops completely, the brake hold indicator (the letter “A”) will light up. The letter "A" indicator is right under the brake hold indicator which was already lit earlier.
  4. When the “A” indicator light lit, you can lift your foot from the brake pedal. The system will automatically hold the brakes for 10 minutes or until the gas pedal is re-stepped (when the shift lever is not in the P or N position).

The brake hold system will automatically cancel its operation if the engine is turned off, the driver presses the brake pedal and shifts the gear to the P or N position, the driver's seat belt is not attached or the brake hold has been braking for more than 10 minutes.

The use of the brake hold feature is only recommended in certain conditions (traffic jams, downhill or uphill roads). This system is not recommended to be used when you park the vehicle or leave the vehicle for too long. If you are going to park or leave the vehicle, it is better to use the parking brake only.

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