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Can Car Engine Be Washed?

Ganti ban mobil cuma satu tidak di sarankan

Vehicle maintenance is not only by servicing and changing the oil regularly, but also washing and cleaning the vehicle is also a part of it. Keeping the car in a clean condition can make the appearance more attractive and pleasing to the eyes.

Mostly vehicle owners always keep their vehicles clean regularly by simply wiping or cleaning with a wet cloth.
Many of us find car washes that not only offer vehicle body parts and vehicle interior cleaning services, but also car engine washing. Dirt or dust can be found not only found on the exterior of the vehicle, but also on the parts that may not visible directly from outside like the engine room. These areas can also be very dirty and dusty. However, is it permissible to wash the vehicle engine?

As we know that the engine is a vital part of the vehicle and the system is very complex, many vehicle owners are hesitant to wash their car engine for fear of damaging the engine. However, there are also those who wash their car engines because the vehicle owner wants to keep the vehicle clean thoroughly (interior, exterior and engine room)

Washing a car engine is actually allowed as long as it follows the correct procedure. In the engine room there’s not only machinery, but also an electrical system and other important sensors which could have risk being exposed to water and possibility of short fused.

Wet sensors can gradually cause rust and water can cause error reading causing sensor wrong information sent to the vehicle.

It’s also worried that the water spray might enter the air intake channel. Water entering the engine could cause very serious problems to the combustion performance in the engine and caused the piston compress water instead of air.

It is recommended that you do not use high pressure water to clean the engine area. Simply use a damp cloth to clean dirty and dusty areas of the machine and use a brush to reach hard-to-reach parts of the machine.

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