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The meaning and function of the "circulation" button on the car air conditioner

Ganti ban mobil cuma satu tidak di sarankan

In your vehicle's air conditioning (AC) system, you will find an icon on the AC button that familiar to the "undo button" which usually found in your computer or smartphone application… the button is referred as “circulation air”.

As we all know that the undo button on the computer has a function to cancel a command that has been done previously, but the circulation button on this air conditioner has another function.

What is its function?
The function of the circulation button is to make air circulation only rotate inside the vehicle cabin.
The working principle is that when you press the circulation button and the system indicates it is active (the button is on), then all vents and external air valves will be closed. This causes outside air cannot enter the vehicle cabin.
This causes the air circulation that occurs only to rotate in the vehicle cabin space or in other words, the air conditioner only recirculates the air in the cabin without taking air from outside. The following are the advantages and disadvantages when you activate the Circulation mode.

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Circulation Mode

This mode is not recommended to be used continuously for a long period of time, because the air will be trapped in the car cabin. The air we breathe is not fresh air, instead its recirculating air from the air we breathe out trapped in the vehicle cabin. The impact may not be felt immediately, but it will gradually reduce your level of health due to inhaling too much carbon dioxide or other toxic viruses.

Since the air conditioner only recirculates cabin air, this is what causes the air temperature in the cabin to cool down quickly or quickly reach the optimal cold conditions. In addition, pollutants or toxic substances from outside the cabin cannot enter the vehicle.

The use of circulation mode does not always have to be used, once in a while you can use fresh air mode. When you activate the fresh air mode, the vents and external air valves will open, so that new air from the outside will enter and replace the air in the vehicle cabin. This causes the cooling process in the cabin to be longer.

The use of fresh air mode is not recommended to be used continuously in traffic jam conditions that have a high level of pollution because the toxins or pollutants from the environment can enter the vehicle cabin. However, if you drive in mountainous or hilly areas that have clean and cool air quality, then the fresh air mode would be a good option.

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Ganti ban mobil cuma satu tidak di sarankan

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