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Complete Explanation of Periodic Service for Cars

Complete Explanation of Periodic Service for Cars

How regular do you service your vehicle?

Is the service only conducted when the vehicle has a problem? Actually, vehicle maintenance should be done regularly in order to maintain the condition of your vehicle to stay at its prime condition. Without us realizing that the more often we operate, the performance and condition of the vehicle will decrease in terms of engine performance, transmission, brakes, electricity, wheels and other components.

Maintenance must still be carried out regularly even if there are no problems with the vehicle. This is to prevent issue to vehicle systems and components, as well as to maintain the safety of the driver and others. Always make sure the performance and condition of your vehicle before using it for driving. Perform vehicle maintenance according to a regular maintenance schedule.

The periodic maintenance schedule describes the necessary requirements and what items must be carried out in the periodic maintenance. You can see the schedule and periodic maintenance items in the service book that you get from the dealer when you bought the vehicle.

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In general, periodic maintenance is carried out every 20,000 km or every 12 months for cars, while motorcycles are every 4,000 km or every 4 months. Items performed during periodic maintenance may not be the same at all times. Although the maintenance schedule and standard item inspection or spare part replacement for each vehicle brand may be different, we need to know the important items in your vehicle maintenance.

The following are standard periodic maintenance items that are generally carried out on cars and cars:

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