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When you hear the word AC, you must be familiar with the term refrigerant (freon). What is refrigerant (freon)? Refrigerant is a substance that converts heat circulating in the refrigerant pipe contained in the AC system. Refrigerant transfers heat when evaporation occurs and releases heat when liquefaction occurs.
Refrigerant has an important role in the air conditioning system, because the quantity recirculated freon determines the cabin vehicle’s temperature. The refrigerant absorb the heat contained in the vehicle cabin air, so that the output air that comes out of the AC vent is cold air.

If the amount of freon is reduced, the heat absorption process will not occur optimally, causing your vehicle's air conditioner less cold.
The refrigerant was chosen because it has properties such as a low evaporation point, pressure stability, high latent heat, easy to condense at room temperature, non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-toxic, does not react with water or oil and does not change quality when operating in a cold environment in system.

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CFC (Cloro Fluoro Carbon) is a type of refrigerant that used to be often used but it impacts to the ozone layer and contribute greatly to global warming. So that currently the working fluid in the AC system switches to another type of refrigerant, namely R134a.

These refrigerants are generally used in car air conditioners. This type of refrigerant is also commonly used in other cooling devices, such as refrigerators or dispensers. R134a is a non-CFC refrigerant and is more environmentally friendly, so it can replace R-12 which is longer used and contains CFCs.

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The amount of refrigerant in the AC system will not decrease or run out as long as there are no leaks in the AC system and components. If a leak occurs, immediately repair the leak and then refill the refrigerant into your vehicle's AC system. If your air conditioner is not cold enough, it is necessary to check and maintain, especially on the evaporator and condenser. Clean the two components so that the grille is not covered with dust and dirt that can hinder the process of heat transfer from the air to the refrigerant and vice versa.

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