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What is the Tiptronic system in Automatic Transmission?

Ganti ban mobil cuma satu tidak di sarankan

The use of automatic transmission has many advantages, one of them is easier operation because gear shifts occur automatically according to the need. Both when doing incline or high speed, the transmission will adjust its gear ratio automatically, whether the ratio is high or low ratio so that the desired torque and speed can be achieved.

In addition, the traffic conditions in the city are very congested and synonymous with traffic jams, causing the driver to feel comfortable when driving with an automatic transmission.

Automatic transmissions that we know are AT (Automatic Transmission) and CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission). However, there is a system that is applied to the automatic transmission, namely Tiptronic or manual mode.
What is the Tiptronic system? The Tiptronic system is a system that allows the driver to shift gears like a manual car, but without stepping on and controlling the clutch pedal. The gearshift is fully controllable by the driver so that the driver can adjust it according to driving needs.

To use Tiptronic mode, the driver can press the paddle shifter located behind the steering wheel or through the UP (+) and DOWN (-) levers on the gear lever to raise and lower gears. If you activate the Tiptronic system, the system will disable automatic switching and then switch to manual mode. The Tiptronic system in this automatic transmission has advantages as well as disadvantages. The advantage lies in better acceleration. The driver feels as if driving a manual car even without stepping on the clutch pedal. The driver can also immediately switch back to automatic mode if you want to feel more comfortable driving.

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Ganti ban mobil cuma satu tidak di sarankan

The drawback of the Tiptronic system is that you are not advised to use it continuously. It would be nice if Tiptronic was used only as needed, for example when ascending, descending or accelerating to get ahead of other vehicles. If you use it for normal driving, then use full automatic mode.
Because the continuous use of Tiptronic can reduce the life of the transmission.

Maintenance and repair costs are also quite expensive if problems occur in the transmission system, and transmission oil changes must be carried out regularly. Because the Tiptronic system is embedded in a CVT transmission, the transmission oil change schedule is every 40,000 km (following the CVT replacement schedule), faster than vehicles with a manual transmission, which is every 60,000 km.

As we know that the essence of the creation of the automatic transmission is to drive in automatic gearshift mode, not manual. If you prefer to use a manual transmission, it is advisable to use a car with a manual transmission only. With the development of technology, the Tiptronic system was developed to create a sporty impression but does not eliminate the comfortable impression as in vehicles with automatic transmissions.

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