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How to Overcome Vehicles Submerged in Floods

How to Overcome Vehicles Submerged in Floods

When the rainy season arrives, the most common problem faced by vehicle owners is flood. If the vehicle is flooded, it will affect the engine condition and vehicle electricity system, and the long-term effect is that the decreased selling value of the vehicle.
If your vehicle flooded, then there’s no need to be panic. The following are the steps to take if your vehicle got stuck in a flood.

Vehicle Electrical
The main system that you must secure if the vehicle is submerged in a flood is the electrical system. In order to avoid any short circuit, you must cut off the current supply to the vehicle's electrical components. This can be done by removing the battery negative (battery).

Starting system
Don’t blame your vehicle's engine if it is flooded, because it is feared that water would enter the combustion chamber. This is to prevent the piston from compressing the water, which could cause the piston to break. In order to replace a broken piston, you’d have to do overhaul. Not only that, when you try to ignite the vehicle, the starter system will work because of the current supply from the battery. This can also cause an electrical short if there is still water in the system.

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Fuel and Oil
Gasoline and oil mixed with water is possible if your vehicle was submerged in a flood. To ensure there is no water in the fuel tank and oil reservoir is to drain it. Discard the old gasoline and oil and replace them with new ones. Gasoline mixed with oil can make the car difficult to start and also cause the gas tank to rust.

Indicator on Gauge
After your vehicle is dry and free from flooding, then check the indicators on your vehicle gauge. Make sure nothing is on. If there is an indicator that lights up, there may be an error in your vehicle's system. Immediately contact the nearest workshop for further handling.

Electrical components
Check the operation function of all electrical components on your vehicle such as lights, audio, air conditioning, power windows, door locks etc. Make sure that all these components can function normally.

We cannot avoid flooding as long as the rainfall in your area is still high. However, you must remain vigilant, always avoid flood-prone areas when it is raining heavily and do not force your vehicle to cross a fairly high puddle of water.

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