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Important Things to Pay Attention to When Fueling Up

Important Things to Pay Attention to When Fueling Up

Fuel has become the main need of today's society. If your daily activities are highly dependent on motorized vehicles, your intensity to visit gas stations may be quite high.

You may have heard or even seen a vehicle fire when refueling at a gas station.
Why does this happen? Most likely due to a mistake made by the drivers themselves. To prevent this from happening, here are a few important things to do when refueling.

Turn Off Your Vehicle Engine and Cell Phone
This is a mandatory procedure that must be carried out to prevent short circuits or sparks that can cause fires. As we know that the conditions for a fire to occur are the presence of fuel, air and fire (lighters). When you are at the gas station, the conditions are there. Fuel and air are available, just need something to trigger it. Triggers can exist maybe because of the carelessness of the driver themselves, such as running the engine, operating mobile phones, smoking in the gas station area and even non-standard vehicle electricity.

Get off the vehicle while refueling
If anything goes south, then you do immediate rescue or fire extinguish. If you were in a vehicle, then make sure that the seat belts on both the driver and passenger sides are not attached. This is to prevent the seat belt from locking when you have to save yourself.

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Currently, several gas stations have provided self-service in refueling where you have to do it yourself. You have to be more careful so that no gasoline is spilled or scattered. Make sure that before you lift the filler nozzle there is no more fuel coming out. This is to prevent the risk of fire.

For some cars today, vehicle manufacturers included fire extinguishers on vehicles to anticipate any possibility of spark. However, if the vehicle is not equipped with an APAR, maybe you can provide one yourself. Even though you have done it correctly and according to the procedure, it could be that the drivers around you are careless. Therefore, you must always be alert and prepare yourself well.

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