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Why Are Cars With Automatic Transmissions When Strikes Shouldn't Be Pushed?

Why Are Cars With Automatic Transmissions When Strikes Shouldn't Be Pushed?

Currently, many people are switching to vehicles with automatic transmissions because they are considered to be more practical, simpler and easier to operate. Very congested urban traffic conditions will make drivers feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable because they have to control 3 pedals at once. This is the main reason for the many cars with automatic transmissions that we encounter on the streets. However, if your car breaks down, the handling is also different from a car with a manual transmission.

A car with a manual transmission usually pushed when it breaks down, then go into gear 1 or 2 while stepping on the gas slowly. The crankshaft will rotate and move the piston so that the combustion process in the combustion chamber can occur. but this cannot be applied to cars with automatic transmissions. Why is that?

Cars with automatic transmissions utilize hydraulic pressure from the transmission oil where the transmission oil is circulated by the oil pump. The oil pump is driven by power from the engine, so if the engine stops the pump automatically will stop which make the hydraulic pressure cannot be applied.

The clutch gets fluid pressure so that power cannot be transmitted to the wheels. In addition, the lubrication of the transmission will also not work due to the condition of the nonfunctional oil pump. If the car is forced to be pushed, the component system in the automatic transmission will move without any lubrication. This will break transmission system and the gearbox on your vehicle.

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If the vehicle breaks down and need to be taken to a repair shop or other place, it is better to use a tow or towing car. If your vehicle using a tow truck and your vehicle is rear-wheel drive, the front wheels must be attached to the ground. Vice versa if the vehicle is front-wheel drive, then the rear wheels must be attached to the ground. This is to keep the drive wheels of your vehicle in a stationary state.
However, if your vehicle is AWD or 4WD, it is recommended to lift it using towing. Pushing the vehicle occasionally is allowed as long as it is moved a very close distance, for example moving the car to the side of the road or a safe place when it breaks down in the middle of the road.

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