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The Importance of Filling Tires with Nitrogen

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One of the most common vehicle problems is tire burst. In such scenario, you’d find yourself looking for the nearest car tire service, but if you were in outskirts area or when you were on a toll road, it’d be a mighty difficult task. A burst tire is also very dangerous when if it occurred when you are driving at high speed. To prevent this, it is highly recommended to always check tire pressure before driving. Filling the tire pressure can be done using normal air or nitrogen.

Most of the time we find nitrogen filling places service at gas stations, while for normal air filling places at the side of the roads. But which is better, nitrogen or normal air?

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Air content
Nitrogen is a gas that has a purer content because there is no water content in it. Nitrogen contains almost 99% more nitrogen and the rest is oxygen. While normal air has a smaller percentage of nitrogen and the rest is oxygen and water. Water in tires will be able to evaporate in hot conditions, this causes the weight of the tires to be heavier and water when reacting with air will cause corrosion on the wheels.

Gas molecules
The molecules contained in nitrogen are also larger than normal air, which causes tires with nitrogen pressure to last much longer. This happens because the shape of the molecule is large so that it will be smaller and has the potential to leak air into the environment. This condition causes the air pressure in the tires to become more stable.

Air temperature
Nitrogen has a cold temperature so it is difficult to expand when in hot environmental conditions. Tires that are filled with regular air will expand faster when they are in a fairly hot environment. This is what causes tires to burst at any time when conditions are hot.

Although filling tire pressure with nitrogen is considered to be better than ordinary air, there are still a few drawbacks, namely the price of nitrogen air is more expensive than normal air. In addition, there are not as many nitrogen filling services as the normal air filling services. See other news and auto tips

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