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Nanoe Technology in Car Air Conditioners

Ganti ban mobil cuma satu tidak di sarankan

AC is a determining factor in driving comfort, cold air conditioning is a must-have for most vehicles, especially in areas with tropical climates such as Malaysia.

Not only serves as an air conditioner, but the it’s also functions to maintain the quality and cleanliness of the air.

In certain types of cars, we can find Nanoe technology installed in the vehicle cooling system. So what is Nanoe technology?

Nanoe technology is an advanced system that has a function to maintain air quality in the vehicle cabin. This is done because dirty air from the surrounding environment (outside the vehicle) can still enter the cabin of your car, maybe this can happen because the driver and passengers often open and close the doors and windows of their vehicles.

Nanoe technology can be activated from the button above the Audio System.

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Nanoe works by producing nano-sized molecules that are sprayed into the air inside the cabin. The content of ions in these molecules can eradicate bacteria and particulate matter (small, very fine substances). These particles are one of the causes of problems in your lung health.

The presence of Nanoe provides more value for your vehicle because it will give the impression of cooler air and can eliminate odors in the cabin of your vehicle. Nanoe technology has three functions, namely Clean, to clean the air by deactivating bacteria and eliminate unwanted odors. Then Delicious which can keep the freshness of the food in the cabin so that it can last longer.

And Beauty that can moisturize the skin and also treat hair to be healthier. The application of Nanoe technology can be found in medium and high end vehicles such as Alphard, Lexus, CRV, although initially this technology was only applied to indoor air conditioners, but over time to overcome pollutants in vehicle cabin air, automotive manufacturers began to apply this technology.

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