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Professionally delivers value creation and digitalization solutions that enriches customers'experience in the transformation journey.

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Already with a large range of partnerships

throughout Asia, Speedwork works to provide

mutual benefits to its dealers, workshop

owners, as well as end-users, while

contributing positively to the communities in

which it operates.

The only Online to Offline (O2O) E-commerce platform dedicated to automobile aftercare in Malaysia

Connecting Workshops to Customers

With authentic products, transparent pricing, quality workshops, multiple payment methods, and our reliable customer service, Speedwork is the comprehensive one-stop auto care platform to fulfil all of your needs.

The implementation of the two applications allows Speedwork to build a bridge between workshops and customers, connecting online purchases to offline installation.

It has been our goal to provide a “cashless shopping” experience for everyone. Check out all of our products and detailed descriptions with a “single touch”.

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With the rise of e-commerce, customers want to buy whenever they want, through any channel, on any device - and expect a variety of delivery options. Speedwork Autocare is here to provide workshops and brands a solution to easily manage their products and services.

The Speedwork Business app includes everything workshops needs to manage their B2B e-commerce sites. After simply setting up an account, workshops are able to customize their online store, manage company accounts, and centralize products, prices, and inventories into one single dashboard.

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